What does it cost to sell with 2% Realty?

We charge 2% of the final selling price of your home, that’s all. No hidden Fees, No extra charges. The 2% is all encompassing, meaning it covers the selling realtor’s commission as well as the buyer’s realtor commission.

Will other Realtors show my listing?

Absolutely. Statistically, over 98% of our listings were sold by co-operating Realtors

Are you on the MLS?

Absolutely. We offer the same MLS services any other real estate company offers, in many cases more! Plus, when we post your listing on the MLS, we also publish your home’s listing to all websites that subscribe to MLS listing through-out Canada.

Are there upfront costs?

No, there are no upfront costs to list your home with 2% Realty. You pay the commissions out of the sale proceeds of your home when it sells. All fees are paid once the transaction is complete.

Is it really just 2% of the sale price of my home?

Yes. There are no hidden fees or extra charges.

What do we get for the 2% commission?

We are a full MLS brokerage, very similar to other Full MLS brokerages, with the major difference being we charge a lot less. See below for what you get with 2% Realty. 

  • A Free, 2% Realty home evaluation & in-home consultation to clearly understand your requirements, expectations, budget & timeline
  • Your home listed on the MLS, plus all websites that subscribe to the MLS across Canada
  • Professional photos
  • We coordinate all showing requests, manage inquiries & negotiate all offers
  • Completion of all paperwork involved, including conveyancing to your lawyer

How are you able to charge less?

We used technology to our advantage & have low overhead costs. We don’t have big offices & the additional staff requirements that our competition has to pay, therefore we don’t have all the additional expenses that are passed down to their clients. We have a unique business model & structure that reduces or eliminates the majority of those expenses.

Do your 2% listings sell?

Absolutely. In fact, Morris Tkachuk consistently sells 7 to 10 times the amount of homes of the average realtor, and has sold over $180,000,000.00 in property since joining 2% Realty!

How do I know what my home is worth?

It all starts with a Free Home Evaluation to understand the market & pricing strategies

How do I get in contact with you?

Call me 403-921-3444, email me Here, or submit a Free Home Evaluation